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Earlier this month, our clients Richard and Jane came to us to because they needed to RelationFix up the alignment of their marriage.

As you can tell from our latest session titled "Road Rage," we can see Jane gets a bit fueled up behind the wheel while Richard looks like he's about to spill some "oil." It took some time to figure what the cause behind the wreck was, but it "turns" out Jane's rage behind the wheel was a bit of a control issue (See Chapter 4: "Relinquishing Control").

In a healthy relationship, it's always a great idea to compromise with your partner, some give-and-take if you will. Make sure you are at an even ground. Because otherwise, some tension could get "backed up" and would call for a need to tune up the issue (See exercise "You Need to Vibrate In Order to Radiate: Here Your Mate Hum Hum Hum (Ain't It Great)").

Check out our webucational session below (and some additional bonus content) to see how you and your partner can RelationFix™ your relationship to avoid from overheating!

ROAD RAGE | RelationFix™ Sessions

RelationFix™ Bonus Therapy


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