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Welcome to the first day of RelationFix™'s first "5 Days of FixGiving!" Everyday throughout this week, we will be highlighting some of our clients for webucational purposes of those who need more resources outside our book. We couldn't think of a more wonderful way to start off our week-long celebratory event but with our first clients to appear on our show, Cookie and Graham!

We've met with the two before they married, mixing together ideas for their vows. What Cookie kneaded Graham to promise at the time was that he wouldn't flake out of a gluten-free marriage. But this pact seemed a bit much for a recently a-loaf Graham as he was caught breaking her trust by getting toasty with a bagel. Thus our long time clients came to us at the rye-ght time to RelationFix their trust before it came to a crumble.

What we advise partners in this situation is sit down, brush the chip off their shoulders, and adjust their relationship to a certain degree where they can both be happy (RelationTip: see exercise "Eye Terms"). You can see the results from this sort of exercise with our session down below.

Check out our webucational session (and some additional bonus content) below to see how you and your partner can RelationFix™ your relationship and avoid it from whisking away.

RelationFix™ Sessions

RelationFix™ Bonus Therapy


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