Bryce and Tandi | RelationFix™ Sessions + Bonus Therapy

As the holidays rapidly approach, it's important to remember to connect with your loved ones as this time of the year calls for everyone to be together. Unfortunately for Bryce and Tandi, they've had trouble doing this. exact. thing.

For the past few months, Bryce and Tandi have been frequent clients; however, come in individually. In this rare occurrence, we happen to catch them in one session to finally work all of these things out. We figured we'd get them to work things out face to face, but it seemed like they were more comfortable expressing their emojions rather than their emotions (See "NEGLECT (Part II)." To spare time for watching this session and to fully understand what this couple is feeling, we advise you to read Chapter 348: Tech In the Bedroom.

So, as we normally do, we RelationFix'd this couple and we find out some extraordinary surprises. Something bigger than Bryce's reward system. So what could it be? (We would tell you, but what's the point when we're trying to make you watch our video).

Check out our RelationFix™ sessions (and some other bonus content) and figure out how you and your partner how you can 48!

NEGLECT (Part I and II) | RelationFix™ Session #6

RelationFix Bonus Therapy

 This week's clients:
Josh Dean (@joshingtron)
Celina Dean (@celinadean)


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