Teddy & Trixie | RelationFix™ Session + Bonus Therapy

On-going client Teddy has been chasing his tail for some time now trying to care for Trixie, but she's been breaking from the leash as much as possible. Teddy came to us in need of retrieving the spark in their partnership when they first met.

We found ourselves in a bit of a ruff spot when Teddy called in because well... Trixie can't talk. But in a RelationFix™ first, we brought along a dog whisperer to help translate what she had to say. As it turns out, it's not so much of Trixie breaking off the leash as it is Teddy clinging on too much.

After analyzing both sides of the issue, it seems that "Teddy has a bit too much of what we call in the business "Codependency." For those layfolk out there, what that means is that you might by spending too much time rubbing their belly instead of going out and playing fetch. For Trixie, she felt that she was getting too much com-fur-t than she can handle.

What we did with Teddy was to try and get him to understand Trixie's side of things. What we did was walked him through a series of exercises until he finally understood that the amount of affection he was giving her started to become a bit repugnant (See chapter 78: Words Can Get In The Way).

Check out our webucational session (and some additional bonus content) below to see how you and your partner can RelationFix™ your ruff patch.

"BITCH" | RelationFix™ Session

RelationFix™ Bonus Therapy


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