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SEX. It's kind of a big deal for everyone whether you want to admit it or not. For new clients Lucy and Rick, their appetite doesn't seem to be the problem here, but their agreement in setting seems to fall dim.

Rick seems to get turned on when he is able to see what he is getting into; however, Lucy prefers to flick his switch when they kill the lights. It's normal in this early stage of the relationship (see Chapter 7: RelationFlux) to react to the black and white perspective of their partners. But as we find out, Rick's suggestion of Lucy having body issues isn't much of an issue as she is worried about blinding herself from the light reflecting off Rick's head.

Sometimes you need to simply vent out the anger to your partner in light of trying to understand where they are coming from. But simply talking to them only gets half of the job done (See Chapter 78: Words Can Get In The Way). What we advise partners to do instead just look at each other and just breathe. Dr. Sean picked up this breathing exercise studying abroad  in a Jamaican colony off the coast of Nova Scotia where the sense of smell in breathing stimulates the understanding the emotions of their partner. You can see the results by watching the session below.

Check out our webucational session (and some additional bonus content) below to see how you and your partner can RelationFix™ back into a de-light-ful couple.

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