Dr. Sean O'Shaughnessy has received a Certificate of Completion in Love Studies at John Grey Community College. He is a soft-spoken and cautious therapist. His gentle approach to counseling is often in opposition to Dr. Kim's brash methods. He is embarrassingly over-sensitive, and often emotionally inappropriate with his clients. His strengths are social anxiety, depression, children, "use your ears," and compromise... or just giving in.

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Dr. Kimberly Isabella Lombardi

My own personal journey began when I committed to a partner, Sean, that was neither my intellectual nor sexual equal. But, I wanted to make our marriage work. After three divorces to one another, we are still married today, because I developed a method that saved us. I call it Relationfix.  My approach is often direct, aggressive, and nontraditional. But, if you do the work, trust the exercises and read our book, we can Relationfix you too. I have a Doctorate in Socio-Therapeutic Inter-Communicative Behaviors from Campbell and Johnson University, with an expertise in OCD, sexual addiction, space and boundary issues, and self-love. To schedule an appointment, send us an email. No insurance. Cash only. 

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